Marquee Land is the premiere boutique land broker servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Our senior land personnel have a track record of success through integrity based negotiations and public consultations. We pride ourselves on excellence in the field and in the office.

At Marquee Land we regard safety as more than just a workplace concern, it’s a way of life. Our first commitment is to the safety and protection of our employees, the public and the environment. We are proud to be registered with ComplyWorks, PICS and ISNetworld.

Marquee Land utilizes innovative technology and processes. Our land system and cloud computing allow us to safely store and share information 24/7 so that we can address your concerns and provide you with the information you need anytime and from anywhere. We stay up to date on amended directives and procedures within the industry through continuous education. Our agents and administration team are active members of IRWA, CAPL, CAPLA and the AASLA.

We are committed to you and your project. As well as being flexible to meet ever changing demands and creative in our problem solving in order to help you be successful. Relationships with landowners, customers, stakeholders and all parties involved in your project is of the utmost importance to us. 

The respected, reliable, go-to land advisor

To build trust and relationships through collaborative communication that enable fair and beneficial land consultations

Make every day a safe day - from start to finish we are committed to your safety

Act with integrity - we are accountable, and communicate openly and in a timely manner

Respectfully address concerns - through our actions and words every customer will feel valued

Quality Service - we are innovative and creative problem solvers, striving for excellence

Unparalleled transparency - in our negotiations and consultations

Excellence - in the field and in the office

Education - growing with the industry and staying up-to-date on the directives and procedures


Land Agents

Our senior land agents have years of industry experience. They take great pride in representing your company and developing relationships and trust through initial contact with all stakeholders. Marquee Land Agents are confident when dealing with diverse and difficult landowners. They will have those tough conversations, respect the landowner’s right to be heard, while working towards an amicable result that ensures a best case scenario for all involved. We treat others with respect and take full accountability for our actions.

Land Administrators & Project Coordinators

Marquee Land Administrators and Project Coordinators play a major part in delivering clean, concise paperwork in a timely manner. Our Administration team is friendly, cooperative and knowledgeable with many years of experience in land document preparation. They will meet with your team to discuss your requirements and build strong, honest, sustainable working relationships from initial contact. Marquee Land Administrators and Project Coordinators will pay attention to detail when processing your documentation and instill confidence in you that your project deadlines are met in a timely, cost efficient manner.