Marquee will work alongside your team to discuss your pipeline requirements. We will provide support on new construction, maintenance and integrity dig projects. Marquee will remain compliant and accountable to all stakeholders from start to finish.

We know that pipeline integrity is critical to the pipeline business, and regular monitoring and inspection is required to determine if repairs or action is required. Our land agents will consult and educate landowners on your behalf to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. We will ensure landowners that integrity digs are conducted safely and to high environmental standards from initial contact to reclamation.

Oil & Gas


Marquee will acquire surface access for all of your oil and gas needs. Our land team fosters good working relationships with you our customer, landowners and key stakeholders to ensure successful acquisitions for your project from start to finish. Land agents and administrators are knowledgeable in their field and have the industry experience to respectfully address any and all concerns with landowners. With transparency and integrity we will acquire surface land leases, right of way agreements, negotiate damages and temporary work spaces, conduct rent reviews and provide dispute resolution.

Power, Transmission
& Distribution


Marquee will acquire land for your project when it is necessary for the erection, construction or operation of a public utility. We have land agents that specialize in this field who are confident dealing with landowners, regulatory boards and other interested parties.

Marquee knows the importance of delivering electric power and energy to the public and will help you be successful in your project.